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How Does It Work?

You Create Your Store, We Take Care of Everything Else.

1 - Create Your Store

To get started you crrate your personal and business profile

2 - Add Products

Then you add the products you want to sell

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3 - Accept Payments

Next you select the payment options you want to accept in your store

4 - We Take Care Of Delivery

In partnership with



and with a fleet of over

100 bikes

we take care of pickup and delivery

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5 - We Promote Your Store

Nothing more to do. Publish your new website, put the

link in your instgram bio

and watch as we promote your business with ADs.

The Promise!

Our dedicated team of customer success agents are available Monday to Sunday,

via live chat and whatsapp

to take care of your customers

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The Cost

For 10GHS or 1,000NGN monthly


Your Own Ecommerce Store

Not only do we create a unique website for you, we also promote your business on our marketplace giving you the best of both worlds.

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“You ecommerce store can be connected to your instagram account by just putting the address in your instagram bio. All shopping will happen right there on instgram”


Connect Multiple Delivery Options

We have partnered with UBER, BOLT and a team of delivery companies. Whenever an order is placed on your store, our system finds the nearest UBER, BOLT or biker close to your store to pickup and deliver to your customer.

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“Our commitment is to you and your business. Take care of your business and lets handle everything else.”


Accept Online Payments

We connect your store to all payment options available; Mobile Money, Card Payments, QR, USSD everything is available and we settle to your own bank account or mobile money wallet.

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“We protect your store with an SSL certificate to ensure all transactions are secure We ensure each customer's who is buying from you is ready to pay; thus NO CASH PAYMENTS allowed and we validate each customer identity and location to ensure there is limited fraud.”

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